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Restaurants and Food

Barbados boasts some of the most exquisite restaurants in the Caribbean. From exclusive fine dining to typical West Indian rum shop style, there is something to suit every pocket.

In the fine dining department, there is a very wide variety to choose from. The majority of the fine dining restaurants on both the south and west coasts offer spectacular views of the ocean, and even the occasional sting ray or turtle sighting. Some of these include Champers, and Tapas on the south, and Tides, the Cliff, Fish Pot, and Mullins on the west.

There are also many quaint restaurants and eateries scattered across the two coasts, perfect for good food on a budget. On the south there is Café Luna, Bistro Monet, Shakers and Brown Sugar, while on the west there is Patisserie Flindt.

Fine dining aside, when it comes to food, Barbadians don’t play around. There are many delicacies unique to Barbados that are the envy of many around the region and the world. When it comes to the preparation of fish, no other island in the Caribbean can compare. Whether it is fried flying fish, or grilled mahi mahi (locally known as dolphin), no one does it like a Barbadian. This sumptuous seafood is served best with a local favourite known as macaroni pie and breadfruit. Other local provisions such as sweet potato, cassava and yams are also worth a try.

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