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Harbour Lights Barbados

The Island And Culture

Barbados, formerly affectionately known as ‘Little Britain’, was a colony of the British Empire up until its Independence in 1966. Many of the British influences can still be seen throughout the island in the form of British style buildings that pervade the Barbadian landscape, including the impressive Barbados Parliament Buildings located in the capital Bridgetown and countless plantation houses scattered across the island, remnants of the colonial era.

Barbados has come a long way since its Independence 45 years ago and is now considered to be a somewhat developed country. Along the way, the country has done away with much of its ‘Britishness’ and is home to a proud people and a diverse and truly West Indian culture.

Embracing all that is Barbadian, the national dish is the local favourite cou cou and flying fish, and the national flower is the Pride of Barbados

Barbados is governed by democracy and all governmental changeovers have been peaceful. Barbadians are also a very religious people, with more churches per capita than any other country on the planet.

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