Harbour Lights Beach Day Experience V2

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Chair & Umbrella

$1000 USD
Lounger & shared umbrella - $10USD per person - lay back in carefree comfort on a personal lounger, shaded by a shared umbrella.

Guaranteed Front Row Seating

$2500 USD
Guaranteed front row lounger with shared umbrella - $25USD per person - bask in the best views of the bay on one of our top spot loungers.

Chair & Turtle + Shipwreck Snorkel Tour

$3500 USD
Unwind by the seaside on a personal lounger and shared umbrella before you get your feet wet on a guided snorkelling tour of the shipwrecks and swimming with the turtles.
If you would like to request an alternate tour time, please type your desired tour time here *Subject to availability

Guaranteed Front Row Chair & Turtle Snorkel Tour Combo

$5000 USD
Guaranteed front row lounger & turtle snorkel tour - $50USD per person - bask in the best views on Carlisle Bay & enjoy a 60 minute snorkel tour to the shipwrecks and visit the turtles.

A Perfect Day in Carlisle Bay

$5200 USD
Shipwreck & Turtle Snorkel Tour, Lunch, Lounger & Shared Umbrella - $52USD per person - Experience an all-in-one day at the bay, including a snorkelling excursion with the turtles and visit the shipwrecks, lunch and a lounger with shared umbrella included

Sun, Sea, & Takeoff - Includes Complete Transportation to Venue from Cruise Port & transfer to Airport

$6800 USD
Spend your last day with us, Includes Secure Luggage Storage, Lounger & Shared Umbrella, Towel & use of amenities. - $68USD per person - There's no better way to spend your last day than with us at Carlisle Bay!

All prices are in $USD (United States Dollars).
$1 USD = $1.98 BBD.